Draw Winners

1) Open the Giveaway Overview and click on the "Draw Winners button"

2) Choose your extraction method

While the App validates all e-mails at sign-up, you can also require users to confirm their emails to enter the giveaway.

If you don't require users to confirm their addresses, make sure to enable the "include users with UNCONFIRMED E-MAILS".

Choose the desired options and click on "DRAW WINNERS NOW".

3) Confirm the winners

The app draws and loads the winners automatically.

You can now click on the entries value to view the user's entries and make sure the user is valid.

This list allows you to detect cheating users (suspect referral traffic, users that unfollowed and much more).

If needed, you can disqualify a user and get back to step 1) to draw another winner.


You can now notify the winners and... get ready to launch your next giveaway :)

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