Embed a Giveaway on a Shopify Page

By default, Giveaway Ninja provides a pop-up widget to run your giveaway.

To improve the user experience, you can easily create your own landing page and embed the giveaway on it!

A dedicated landing page has many benefits:

  • It's easier to promote the giveaway thanks to a direct URL (ex. shop.com/pages/giveaway)
  • Faster onboarding: users can join the giveaway without having to click on the launch button
  • Brand experience: you can build a page that fits your brand and marketing goals

1) Edit the Giveaway, expand the "Embedding Code" section and copy your embedding code.

2) Create a page on Shopify

Open your Shopify Admin, click on the "Online Store" option, then on Pages and eventually on "Add Page"

3) Paste your embedding code

Enter a title for your page and click on the <> icon to enable the HTML editor.

Paste the embedding code and click SAVE.

4) Preview your landing page

Preview your page and fine-tune your HTML and CSS settings as required.

Layout depends on your theme: of course, you can create a custom layout (with Liquid) to fit your needs.

For our tests, we created a basic .liquid theme with an empty template:

5) Update your URLs

Edit your giveaway and make sure that all the sharable URLs lead to your landing page (ex. https://shop.com/pages/giveaway).

You may want to check:

  • Shop URL under the Giveaway Details settings
  • URL to share under the Refer-a-Friend action


You can now share the giveaway with your audience 😎

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